How to Register CAN Number in tnesevai Tamilnadu Government Website

In this post, we are going to look at how to register “CAN Number” on the tnesevai website of the Tamilnadu government. It is necessary to keep this Can number even though you need to get any certificate from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

What is can number?

It is important to know about this before you get this can number. Can number is the common number provided for all services of the Government of Tamil Nadu. You must have this number if you want to get a service from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

It also reduces some work for you when you use this number. All you have to do is register your information in the can number once. Your information will be taken from the can number when you call another government service. It also avoids making new mistakes.

Register CAN Number in tnesevai – Step By Step Guide

You need to open your account on the Government of Tamil Nadu website to get this can number. I have provided how to open a new account on this website at the link below. Also, “click here” to get a link to this website.

  1. A new screen will open when you “log in” to the government website. The new screen will display some government department names. In it, you have to select the Revenue Department.
can number Revenue Department

2. Then you can choose which certificate you want. For example, I choose an income certificate. “Can Number” is required to obtain all certificates. so, choose a certificate for something.

can number certificate

3. Next, you will be given the information to get the income certificate. But it is unnecessary for us. Because we do not need it to get the can number. Thus, choose procced.

can number skip step

4. The “Register Can” button will appear on the next screen. Choose it. Then the application for registering the can number will appear. Below is how to fill that given application.

  1. First, you need to enter your “Aathaar number“. Then the document type will be asked. You can enter it if you wish.

Applicant Details

Applicant NameYour Name
Merital StatusDivorcee
Date Of BirthYour Name DOB
Relationship Father
Father/ Husband / Guardian / MotherEnter Name
Mother Name
Not Stated
CommunityHindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, Zoroastrian: BC, OC, MBC, DNC, SC, ST, Not Stated.
Muslim: BC Muslim, Not Stated.
Christian: BC, OC, MBC, ST, Not Stated.

Occupation Administrative Executive & Managerial workers.
Clerical & Related workers.
Farmers, Fisherman, Hunters, Loggers, etc & related workers
Production & Other related workers, Transport equipment operators & Labourers.
Professional, Technical & Related Workers
Sales Workers.
Service Workers.
Workers whose occupations are not elsewhere classified.
Not stated.
Education Qualification

Once you have selected all of the above, select your address below it. Importantly enter your phone number correctly. This is because OTP will be sent to your phone and you can only get the can number if you enter it on this website.

Once you have verified the OTP, click “REGISTER“. Once you register, you will be alerted that your “Can Registration is Successful“. Under it, you will be given your can number.

can number register successfully

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How to edit can number?

Select a certificate from the Revenue Department to edit your can number. Then skip the steps to get the certificate and click on proceed. Enter your phone number in can registration and verify OTP. Then you can edit your can number by selecting edit can number.

Is it important to keep the can number?

Yes, you can not get any government certificate without a CAN Number. But it only takes at least 30 minutes for you to get your new can number.

What is the use of this can number?

Thus all the applications will be filled in the certificate of want to buy a new one. Thus reducing time wastage. And avoids human error.

Final Words:

I hope you will definitely read our post and get the “can number”. Also if you have any doubts about our post you can ask us your questions. For those who are unaware of this, please share our post and help them.

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