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Are you a farmer? If so this post may be helpful to you in away. Yes, in this post we are going to look at how to get a Small Marginal Farmer Certificate. This is not for all farmers but only for Small Marginal Farmer.

What is a Small Marginal Farmer Certificate?

small farmer certificate eligibility in Tamilnadu: All farmers under 5 acres of agricultural land are called Small Marginal Farmer. The government is offering many benefits only to them.

It is very important to get this Small Marginal Farmer Certificate to avail of these government benefits. These benefits are not available to farmers who own more land and farmers who earn more.

You can see how to apply for this certificate in the paragraph below.

Apply Small – Marginal Farmer Certificate

You need to go to the government website and open your account to get this Small or Marginal Farmer Certificate. If you do not have an account on this website, I have provided a post on my website explaining how to register that account.

Once you have opened your account, select Revenue Department.

It will then be given a list of several government services. In it, select the service we need, that service is Small Marginal Farmer Certificate.

Instructions for applying Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate

Service Description

Issue of Small and Marginal Farmer Certificate  request is applied by the citizen through the Meeseva centers. This request can be accessed by the Tahasildar and processed.

Supporting Documents

  1. Photo
  2. Chitta
  3. Self-Declaration of Applicant
  4. Adangal
  5. Encumbrance
  6. Any Address Proof
  7. Sale Deeds
  8. Other Documents

Application Fee

  • You have to pay 60 rupees (Sixty Rupees Only) for this.

How to Apply

  • For Online : Click on proceed button

Currently, you need to enter your can number. Otherwise, you can avail of this service only after you have received it. Can get the number in 15 minutes. How to apply and get it, clearly given in the link below.

Small Marginal Farmer Certificate Can Number

If you have a can number, keep reading this post. Enter your Can number in Applicant CAN Number. It’s okay if you do not remember the can number. Instead, enter your phone number and click search.

Then your information will appear below. Select it and check the OTP number.

Small – Marginal Farmer Certificate Form

Next, you will be given a small Marginal Farmer Certificate application form. You must fill in all of your names and addresses correctly. There is a possibility of problems in issuing a Small – Marginal Farmer Certificate in case of error.

Land Details – small farmer application form

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Revenue Village
  • Land Type
  • Survey No
  • Patta No.
  • Land Area (in Hectares)
  • Land Area (in Acres)
  • Value (Rs.)
  • Share Percentage
  • Remarks
  • Total Land Area (in Acres)
Small Marginal Farmer Certificate  land Details

The information in it must also be provided correctly. After giving all this information, give what is add and save.

After this, you need to upload some documents. I have provided what those documents are at the beginning of this post. You need to upload those documents in the form they asked for.

There is a fee of 60 rupees to obtain this Small Marginal Farmer Certificate. You can pay this fee through Netbanking / Debit or Credit

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How can I get this Small Marginal Farmer Certificate?

You can get this certificate in two ways.
1.Go directly to the government office and apply.
2.Applying online from your home computer.

Is Getting a Small Marginal Farmer Certificate Easy?

Yes, this certificate is very easy to obtain. Currently, you can easily apply online without going to government offices.


I hope you know how to get this Small Marginal Farmer Certificate. You will receive this certification in at least 15 to 30 days.

If you have any doubts about this let us know in the comment box below. Also, let your relatives and friends know.

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  1. I am a pensioner from tamilnadu government. I own 3 acres of agricultural land and I do agriculture in that land. Am I eligible to get small farmer certificate?

  2. What is minimum land extend required for applying small /marginal certificate ? I have only 36 cents of land which is .14 ha of area . Whether i am eligible to apply ? And also shall I combine my neighbor land (which I am doing cultivation) which is also very same land area ie 36 cents .? To get that certificate? Any inputs much appreciated


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