How To Apply OBC Certificate Online in Tamilnadu

Not sure how to apply for OBC Certificate? Then you have come to the right place. Yes, in this post we are going to see how to apply for OBC Certificate. It is best to buy this certificate in advance. Because it is likely to take up to 15 days for us to purchase this certificate.

What is the OBC Certificate?

An extension of OBC is the Other Backward Class. This certificate is issued by the Central and State Governments for making reservations in educational institutions and employment opportunities, and for those with income below Rs 6 lakh.

You can also apply for this certificate online now. You can easily download it from the website. No need to waste your time on this. You can do this even when you are not busy.

Apply OBC Certificate

You need to go to the website TNeGA to get this certificate. In it, you need to start your account. If you do not know how to open an account, click on the link I provided below to find out.

Once you have opened your account, click on Revenue Department.

OBC Certificate Servicers

All the services in the Revenue Department come here in which the service we need is OBC Certificate. We have to choose it.

Instructions for applying OBC Certificate

Read the instructions below and find out. This will definitely help you. You need to upload the documents below on this website. Get this ready.

Service Description

  • The system of issuing a permanent Community Certificate was introduced in the year 1988 in Tamil Nadu. This is valid for securing admission in all Educational Institutions and other professional institutions and also for employment.

Supporting Documents

  1. Photo
  2. Any Address Proof
  3. Proof of Income (Payslip, Income Certificate, etc)
  4. Community Certificate
  5. Income Tax Return
  6. Self-Declaration of Applicant
  7. Income Tax Return
  8. Other Documents
  9. Proof of Income (Payslip, Income Certificate, etc)
OBC Certificate instructions

Application Fee

Rs. 60.0 ( Sixty Rupees Only)

How to Apply

  1. For Online : Click the below proceed button.

REV-115 OBC Certificate

Note: Apply for the service as per the given instructions:-

If Applicant have CAN Number:

Please enter CAN Number or any of the fields in the below field then click on Search Button in order to proceed

If the Applicant doesn’t have a CAN Number: Click on the Register button.

OBC Certificate can number

Apply for CAN registration

Enter your CAN Number in the Applicant CAN Number box below. No problem if you do not remember your can number. Enter your phone number in the Applicant Mobile Number box and click Search.

Then comes your can number, your name, Father / Husband / Guardian / Mother Name, your DOB, and email id. Select it then click on generate OTP and check the OTP coming to your phone number.

OBC Certificate Form

After verifying your OTP, click on Proceed. A form for obtaining an OBC Certificate is currently being issued. You must fill it in correctly. Otherwise, obtaining this certificate is a difficult one.

Once you have filled out this form, read it carefully once again. If all goes well, click add and save. After that, you need to upload the Supporting Documents I mentioned above.

You need to upload documents in their specific size. Otherwise, you will not be able to upload the documents.


Who can get OBC Certificate?

This certificate can only be obtained by those belonging to the OBCclass prescribed by the government. But, their annual income should be below Rs 6 lakh. Central and state governments will issue this certificate only to them.

What is the validity period of this OBC certificate?

The validity period of this certificate is 1 year only. You can obtain a new certificate upon completion of this certificate.

Final Words

If you have any other doubts about the OBC Certificate let us know through the comment box below. We will definitely settle it. Let your friends and relatives who do not know how to get this certificate know.

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