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Do you need to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate? If so read this post in its entirety and learn how to apply for the Encumbrance Certificate(EC).

What is that certificate before you apply for this certification? What are its uses? And know what to use it for.

What is an Encumbrance Certificate?

Encumbrance Certificate is what everyone will use this certificate when buying new land. Problems with new land can be detected using this certificate.

This certificate is issued by the government. This certificate is issued for all private and government lands. Encumbrance certificate will definitely apply to your land as well.

The name of this certificate is not visible to everyone. Everyone only knows the name of this certificate by the name Villanga Certificate.

How to apply for Encumbrance Certificate?

This certificate is issued by the government in two sections. I have provided below what those two categories are.

  • EC issued without payment
  • EC issued with payment

Below we explain what the differences are between these two categories.

EC issued without payment

The certificate you receive without payment will not be updated until today. Maybe, They will not provide us with information for at the last 1 month.

Also, this certificate cannot be used to buy a bank loan. And cannot be used for a few jobs.

EC issued with payment

It is best if you pay and get this certificate. It is better to give the certificate of payment received at important government offices. Because then some problems are likely to come.

It is best to provide this if you do not have any problems. Everyone has to pay different fees to get this certificate. There is no fixed price for this.

Apply for EC Online – Villanga Certificate

Let’s first look at how to get free ec and then learn how to get paid ec.

Apply for Free EC Online

You need to access the government website to get this certificate. You do not have to open your account to get the free certificate.

Encumbrance Certificate

After logging in to the government website, click on e-service -> Encumbrance Certificate -> View Ec above.

Then the application for the Encumbrance Certificate will appear. We must provide the correct answers to the questions asked in that application. The wrong answer will not get ec for your land.

Questions asked below

  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Village
  • Survey No.
  • Subdivision No.
Free Encumbrance Certificate Form
Encumbrance Certificate

Once you have entered this information correctly, click Add. Once all the information has been added enter the code shown below correctly and click on Church.

Then the Free EC you need will be downloaded.

Apply for Paid EC Online

You will know how to get free EC. Learn how to get paid EC here. You need to open your account on the government website to get paid ec.

Once you have opened your account, select Encumbrance Certificate Apply Online on the home page of the website. Take a look at the photo below to find out where it is.

paid Encumbrance Certificate

Then the application for Paid EC will appear. This application will only appear if your account is open otherwise you will get the Alert Message “Open Account”.

Mainly it is Paid EC so provide correct information. The fee is non-refundable after payment. Please check once or twice after you have completed this application.

There is no problem with giving false information in free EC. Because this is only a waste of your time. Your money will not cost. But it will also cost you money. Thus it is better to take care of it after completing the application.

The questions in the application, we have provided below

  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Village
  • Survey No.
  • Subdivision No

These are all questions asked in Free ec. Apart from this, the questions asked in paid Ec

  • Plot No. (Note: If the Plot number contains Alpha Numeric, specify the Numeric only. Eg., If the Plot Number is ’15A North or 15/1A ‘, specify as 15. In case of multiple plot numbers, add separately one by one.)
  • Flat No. (Note: If the Flat number contains Alpha Numeric, specify the Numeric only. Eg., If the Flat Number is ’15A North or 15/1A ‘, specify as 15. In case of multiple Flat numbers, add separately one by one.)

House Details

  • Door No
  • Ward
  • Block

Boundary Details

  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South

Extent and Build-up Area

  • Total Extent
  • Conveyed Extent
  • Undivided Share
  • Build-up Area

Additional Details (in case of multiple, add ‘,’ separated Ex. 1,4/2A)

  • Old Survey No./Sub Div No
  • T.S. No.
  • Old Door No.
  • Name of Declared Owner
  • Father Name
  • Any other relevant inform
  • Any Registered Document N
paid EC Form

You do not need to provide all this information. You must enter information only for the questions given by the red star. It is your choice whether or not to answer other questions.

When done, enter the code shown correctly. Then click Search. Then you will get information about your land. Select it and pay the EC fee for your land online.

This certificate can be downloaded from this website in 2 or 3 days.

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You will be aware of this Encumbrance Certificate. Contact your nearest village administration officer to find out more about this. To know other government certificates like this go to our home page.

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